Weekend carving course 20 & 21st October 2012

We had a great weekend in the workshop with Lorraine, Rena and Fran each producing some very effective carving. A bit of autumnal sunshine helped and the woods are starting to look spectacular with the autumn colours coming through. Rena and Fran are experienced wood carvers and found their skills transferred well to working in stone. Rena is an ex-soldier and she made a wreath design encircling a canine paw print, which reflects her membership of the Army Dog Corps. The work on the paw print is crisp and precise and it was great to see a project with strong personal meaning come to life. Fran made a carving of ivy and ferns creeping over a boulder. The design worked really well and there is scope for Fran to add to it at home, she’s hoping to invest in some stone chisels once Christmas is out of the way! Lorraine has attended a stone carving workshop once before and has some tools – she made excellent progress on her tudor rose design and we are hoping to get a photo of the finished article before too long. Thanks to this weeks students for their hard work and good company. There are more photos from the weekend here.

Rena's paw print

Hands on Heritage event at Beamish Museum

On 22nd and 23rd September I went up to the Beamish Museum near Durham to take part  in their Hands on Heritage event. I spent some time before the Beamish weekend making a celtic cross for people to make carvings on. I traced celtic designs onto the basic cross, allowing people to have a go at carving in shallow relief following my design. This worked really well and was a good way for anyone to try their hand at carving and contribute to the overall piece. People were free to drop in for as long or short a time as they wanted, and the cross turned out to be a flexible way to offer carving at this sort of event. Loads of people stopped for a chat over the weekend and around 20 spent some time with hammer and chisel. Also on offer were dry stone walling, ploughing (with horses) and pottery. Thanks to the Beamish team for a really good weekend.  At Beamish Museum, Pete in his period costume! Celtic cross with designs carved by visitors to the Beamish Museum