A carving and working holiday

Tom came along to one of Pete’s carving courses at the Mushroom Works in Newcastle last year. He’d recently finished a year’s foundation in Art at Newcastle College and having done a lot of 3-d work in ceramics was interested in spending some time exploring stone as a medium and developing his carving skills. He came and stayed with us in Cornwall for a week and combined his carving with a bit of practical help around the place to make the holiday more affordable for him. We rely on wood for our heating and like everyone else, we’ve used up a lot of fuel this winter and have our work cut out to replenish the stores so the extra help was very welcome!

Tom made a very successful 3-d ram’s head, which he managed to get on the train back to Berwick, and will continue working on the detail when he gets home. It was a great pleasure to meet a young person with a broad interest in art and one who moreover was an excellent house guest and got along famously with our two cats!




Spring carving days

Three carvers came along on 16th March. I’m sure Derek won’t mind me saying that he’s one of our older carvers to date, at 81. He took to carving with great determination and achieved an excellent jaguar relief, inspired by his love of vintage cars. Derek’s planning to return in May and make a mirror image jaguar so they can face each other across his mantel piece, and he already has plans for further garden sculptures.

Graham and James both took on lettering projects. James started his house name, but being quite a long one he’ll be coming back on to a Thursday evening session to complete it. Graham carved ‘Crete’, the place where he would spend all of his time if he could!

Kat and Mat came along to the studio on 6th and 7th April. Mat made a scarab beetle in 3-d, which is finished really nicely and has some great curving lines to it. Kat carved a relief of two fish, using a claw chisel to create the effect of swirling water around them.